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Department of Curriculum and Instruction
expand Course Level : Bachelor
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
Child Health Education Not Uploded
Advancing thinking skillsNot Uploded
Assessment of child development Not Uploded
Child Computerized programNot Uploded
Child LiteratureNot Uploded
Classroom ManagementNot Uploded
Designing and Using Instructional Materials
Designing and Using Instructional Materials.pdf    
Early childhood curriculum Not Uploded
Educational System in Jordan Not Uploded
Evaluation of Student Learning
Evaluation of Student Learning.pdf    
Family and Child EducationNot Uploded
Family and Child EducationNot Uploded
Family and Child EducationNot Uploded
Family and Child EducationNot Uploded
Family and Child EducationNot Uploded
Instructional Materials for Children
Learning Materials for Children2016-2017.pdf    
Introduction to Curricula Not Uploded
Islamic Concepts and their teaching method (2) Not Uploded
Language Concepts and Teaching Methods
Linguistic Concepts and Methods taught.pdf    
Mathematical concepts and their teaching methods (2) Not Uploded
Organizing and Managing Child Learning EnvironmentNot Uploded
Play in Early Childhood Not Uploded
Practicum (2) Not Uploded
Practicum(2) Not Uploded
Reading Skills and Their Teaching Methods Not Uploded
Scientific concept and their teaching methods (2) Not Uploded
Social Education and its Teaching Methods Not Uploded
Study SkillsNot Uploded
Vocational Education Not Uploded
expand Course Level : Master
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
Academic Writing in English LanguageNot Uploded
Basic Math concepts and their Teaching methods 0832480
Basic Math concepts and their Teaching methods.pdf    
Classroom Research Not Uploded
Computerized Instructional Programs Not Uploded
Current Issues in Educational TechnologyNot Uploded
Current Trends in English Language CurriculumNot Uploded
Current Trends in Mathematics CurriculumNot Uploded
Current Trends in Social Sciences CurriculumNot Uploded
Curriculum PlanningNot Uploded
Design and Utilization of Individualized and Group Learning Materials Not Uploded
Evaluation in Learning and Teaching Arabic languageNot Uploded
Evaluation of learning and Teaching Islamic EducationNot Uploded
Evaluation of Learning and Teaching Science Not Uploded
Functional Grammar in English languageNot Uploded
Instructional Technology Not Uploded
Islamic Educational TheoryNot Uploded
Literature in English Language TeachingNot Uploded
Methods of Teaching Islamic Education Not Uploded
Methods of Teaching Science Not Uploded
Practical Application in Arabic LanguageNot Uploded
Practical Application in MathematicsNot Uploded
Practical Applications in Curriculum & InstructionNot Uploded
Problems in Teaching Arabic Language Not Uploded
Social Sciences: Its nature and TeachingNot Uploded
Special Problems in Teaching Islamic EducationNot Uploded
Special Problems in Teaching Science Not Uploded
Teaching Language SkillsNot Uploded
Teaching Oral Skills in English LanguageNot Uploded
Technological Applications in Science Teaching & Learning Not Uploded
Theory and Research in InstructionNot Uploded
expand Course Level : Doctorate
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
Contemporary Issues In Curriculum and Instruction Not Uploded
Curriculum Design and Organization Not Uploded
Education and ChangeNot Uploded
New Models in School Curriculum DevelopmentNot Uploded
Qualitative Research Not Uploded
Strategies of Curriculum Implementation Not Uploded
Teaching Exceptional Children in the Regular SchoolNot Uploded