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Preparing researchers at the level of master's and doctoral degrees, who can provide the local and regional community with views and experiences; to analyze educational problems and find practical solutions along with job market.
1.MissionEducational Psychology Educational Psychology 1
The mission of the Department is to further the knowledge of teaching and learning processes at all levels, to develop reflective practitioners in the application of that knowledge, and to provide leadership in the improvement of education in the region. The Department is committed to quality teaching, research, and service and to diversity in its faculty, staff, and students. The Department prepares students for professional careers in education and related fields through three academic programs (Educational Leadership, Special Education, and Teaching), as well as through partnerships with schools, agencies, universities, and the private sector where interests and expertise intersect.
1.MissionEducational Leadership and FoundationsEducational Leadership and Foundations3
Preparing distinguished counsellors and teachers in the field of psychological counselling and special education, who have high professional competence and can provide guidance and quality education for their students, provided and implement continuous training programs for providers of special education and counseling in Jordan and other Arab countries, provide training services for the families children with disabilities and counseling services as needed.
1.MissionCounseling and Special Education Counseling and Special Education 4
Providing educational, training and research programs that contribute to the provision of high-quality human resources to manage information systems, resources and services in Jordan and the Arab world, within an environment conducive to innovation, innovation, leadership and optimal utilization of resources.
1.MissionLibrary and Information Library and Information 5
Integrating with the faculty's vision, participating in the preparation of teachers, researchers and administrative members through qualifying them with research skills and psychological foundations as well as integrating with other departments in developing and achieving high efficiency in educating students.
2.VisionEducational Psychology Educational Psychology 1
The Department seeks excellence in the integration of (a) teaching and learning, (b) advancement of the knowledge base through research and scholarship, (c) leadership in service and outreach, and (d) preparing professionals who provide leadership and exemplary educational and related services to improve the lives of individuals in a changing and complex global society.
2.VisionEducational Leadership and FoundationsEducational Leadership and Foundations3

The objectives of the counseling and special education programs at the University of Jordan are as follows:
1. Preparing quality teachers and specialists in the field of counseling and special education, who have high professional competence, and can provide quality education to their students, and are keen on continuing professional development, and use modern technology in their field.
2. Contributing with universities and public and private institutions to raise the level of educational programs provided for students with special needs.
3. Implementing continuous training programs for providers of special education in Jordan and other Arab countries to develop the level of scientific competence and improve their practical skills.
4. Provision of extension services, training and awareness to the families of children with disabilities and society in general for the prevention of disability and development of realistic attitudes towards persons with special needs.
5. Creating a learning environment for faculty members in the department to enable them to carry out scientific research and disseminate scientific literature and hold conferences and scientific seminars and lectures in different areas of special education.
6. Encouraging outstanding humanitarian work with persons with special needs and their families and be committed to the standards of professional practice and ethical conduct.
7. Community outreach and service, empowerment and partnerships with public and private community institutions to find solutions to problems in the field of special education and improve the quality of life for individuals with special needs and their families.

4.GoalsCounseling and Special Education Counseling and Special Education 4
To inculcate the culture of excellence, leadership, creativity and research among the students and instructors, leading to advanced international standards.
2.VisionLibrary and Information Library and Information 5
The Counseling and Special Education Programs at the University of Jordan strive to remain, whether at the undergraduate or graduate levels, at the forefront in Jordan and Arab Countries in preparing counselors and special education professionals. respected for its leading role in the preparation of specialists and teachers with a reputable scientific excellence in Jordan and the Arab region, committed to the application of professional standards, keen to the application of quality control standards, and play an important role in the dissemination of recent scientific knowledge through research.

2.VisionCounseling and Special Education Counseling and Special Education 4
1.     Prepare educational professionals recognized for the quality and significance of their teaching, research, scholarship, service, and leadership.
2.     Provide leadership in the development of collaborative, professional relationships with schools, organizations, and other institutions.
3.     Focused on the improvement of education in schools, communities, and workplace settings. Achieve academic excellence at every level.
4.      Achieve operational excellence through maintaining the Department as a service-orientated one, noticeable through ongoing development and improvement.
4.GoalsEducational Leadership and FoundationsEducational Leadership and Foundations3

1.    Provide the students with basic concepts of libraries, information and knowledge.
2.    Embed the culture if information among students to keep up with current and continuous developments in the specialization and profession.
3.    Introduce the students to all different types of libraries and information centers, its aims and objectives, functions and services.
4.    Introduce the students to all different types of information resources; both traditional and modern.
5.    Provide the students with skills to organize different information resources.
6.    Provide the students with essential knowledge about libraries and information centers management and organization.
7.    Increase students awareness of the concept of remote information and communication technology and its applications in library and information centers.
8.    Provide the students with the essential communication knowledge to communicate with users and introduce suitable services.
9.    Introduce the students to different types of services and activities offered by libraries and information centers to users community.

4.GoalsLibrary and Information Library and Information 5

The Department of Educational Psychology seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1.     Qualify students and enable them to have knowledge and skills and keep pace with the scientific and technological development in the learning, development, psychological and educational measurement and evaluation.

2.     Develop research and investigation skills for original topics and issues in the fields of educational psychology that contribute to scientific progress and propose solutions to theoretical and practical issues and problems.

3.     Provide research staff in Jordanian universities, research centers and academic institutions to undertake research in the fields of educational psychology.

4.     Provide scales and instruments with appropriate psychometric characteristics that can be used in scientific research related to educational psychology.

4.GoalsEducational Psychology Educational Psychology 1

Achieving leadership and excellence in the preparation of teachers and educational leaders, making the department a scientific reference at the local and Arab levels, and employing expertise in solving problems and educational issues, and establishing participatory relationships with local and international educational institutions to develop the learning process.​​

1.MissionCurriculum and InstructionCurriculum and Instruction2

A distinguished department of knowledge in the sciences of curriculum, teaching and scientific research at the local, Arab and worldwide levels​

2.VisionCurriculum and InstructionCurriculum and Instruction2
  1.  Preparing teachers and educational leaders capable of performing their roles efficiently.
  2. Transferring scientific research in the department to the world level to keep up with the recent developments in teacher training.
  3. Opening new academic programs that respond to the needs of the local and Arab communities
  4. Strengthening partnership with educational institutions and departments corresponding to the department at the local, Arab and worldwide levels.​
4.GoalsCurriculum and InstructionCurriculum and Instruction2