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Academic Faculty Staff
collapse Department of Educational Psychology
NameRankRank Obtained InGraduate CountryPublicationsPersonal WebsiteExtension  
Mouhi Aldin TuqProfessor10/1983 Click hereClick here 
shafeq alawnehProfessor05/1999 USAClick hereClick here24419 
Abdaallah KilaniProfessor09/1999 Click hereClick here 
Khalil AlyanProfessor01/2000 Click hereClick here 
Mohammad Walid Musa Al-Batsh Professor10/2000 USAClick hereClick here24424 
Abdallah MounayzlProfessor02/2001 Click hereClick here 
Yousef KatamiProfessor08/2001 Click hereClick here 
Ferial Mohammad Abu AwwadProfessor02/2013 jordanClick hereClick here24416 
Abdulla SmadiProfessor09/2018 USAClick hereClick here24425 
Abdallah NaserAssociate Professor11/1974 Click hereClick here 
Younes Mohamed Al-younes Associate Professor08/2005 Ohio State University/ USAClick hereClick here24417  
Rami mahmoud AlyousefAssociate Professor09/2008 jordanClick hereClick here------ 
Ahmad yahya Alzig Associate Professor08/2011 Birmingham University / UKClick hereClick here24418  
Yahia Mahmoud Al-SmadiAssociate Professor10/2011 Sussex University/ UKClick hereClick here24419 
Haidar Ibrahim Zaza Associate Professor04/2012 University of Jordan/JordanClick hereClick here24423 
Jehan Wadiea Mattar Associate Professor07/2013 University of Jordan/JordanClick hereClick here 24421 
Ikhlas Mahmoud Ahmad Associate Professor06/2015 USAClick hereClick here24406  
Hassan Ghazi Bader AlomariAssociate Professor09/2015 JordanClick hereClick here24513 
Rifa’ Rafe’ Abdel-Hamid ZOU'BI Associate Professor11/2016 UKClick hereClick here24408 
Jehad AlanatiAssociate Professor02/2019 jordanClick hereClick here24557 
Amani QashmarAssistant Professor08/2016 usaClick hereClick here 
Ali Bany HamadLecturer09/2012 jordanClick hereClick here24504 
Nezar AllabadiLecturer09/2012 jordanClick hereClick here24556 
collapse Department of Curriculum and Instruction
NameRankRank Obtained InGraduate CountryPublicationsPersonal WebsiteExtension  
Ayesh ZaytounProfessor11/1990 Click hereClick here 
Naif KhrmaProfessor04/1991 Click hereClick here 
Amen KhukhounProfessor03/2000 Click hereClick here 
Narjes A.Hamdi Professor09/2002 University of Southern California, USAClick hereClick here24479 
Abdul rahman abdali mashfi al hashmiProfessor06/2003 iraqClick hereClick here24480 
Abdelkareem Alhaddad Professor12/2005 University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USAClick hereClick here24481 
Safa Zaid Al-Kilani Professor04/2006 MSU, USAClick hereClick here24582 
Ibrahem NaserProfessor09/2007 Click hereClick here 
Adnan Salim Abed Professor02/2008 USAClick hereClick here24402 
Naseer A. Alkhawaldeh / Curriculum & Instruction (Islamic Education and Social Studies)Professor11/2008 USAClick hereClick here24482 
Ibrahim A. Al-Momani Professor04/2009 University of Iowa, USAClick hereClick here24588 
Muhannad Al-Shboul Professor05/2010 U.S.AClick hereClick here24404  
Ahmad Hammad Alkhwaldeh Professor06/2012 UKClick hereClick here24477 
Mansour Ahmad Alwraikat Professor10/2012 USAClick hereClick here24531  
Saleh RawadiehProfessor02/2013 USAClick hereClick here24467 
Tagreed Fathi Abu Taleb Professor04/2013 University of Maryland, USAClick hereClick here24592 
Hani Weshah Professor04/2013 University of Ohio, USAClick hereClick here24464 
Nayel D. A. Al-Shara'h Professor05/2013 UKClick hereClick here24400 
Majed Abdul Karim Abu JaberProfessor09/2015 USAClick hereClick here------- 
Ibrahim Ahmad Al-Shara' Professor11/2015 JordanClick hereClick here24472 
Hamed A. A. Talaafha Professor12/2015 IraqClick hereClick here24459 
Abdelmuhdi Aljarrah Professor11/2016 USAClick hereClick here24475 
Munem Al-Saaideh Professor01/2017 UKClick hereClick here24593 
Osamah ShamoutAssociate Professor03/1986 Click hereClick here 
Najah AljamalAssociate Professor06/1992 Click hereClick here 
Qasem AlshounaqAssociate Professor07/2004 Click hereClick here 
Ahmad Moh'd Al-MigdadyAssociate Professor01/2006 USAClick hereClick here24474 
Rateb AshourAssociate Professor05/2007 Click hereClick here 
Ramzi Fathi Saoud Haroun Associate Professor09/2009 UKClick hereClick here24471 
Hamzah Omari Associate Professor12/2010 USAClick hereClick here244580 
Faisal Mahmoud Khwaileh Associate Professor06/2011 USAClick hereClick here24586 
Hesham Ibrahim Al-Dajeh Associate Professor10/2012 USAClick hereClick here24446 
Adnan Salem Falah Al-Doulat Associate Professor10/2012 JordanClick hereClick here24427  
Ibrahim Mohammad Hammad Associate Professor11/2012 Portsmouth University, UKClick hereClick here24589 
Suhair Abdallah Jaradat Associate Professor12/2012 Nova University, USAClick hereClick here24590 
Khaled Moh'd Abuloum Associate Professor02/2013 University of Nebraska, USAClick hereClick here24587 
Hala Al-Shawa Associate Professor02/2013 University of Ohio, USA Click hereClick here24476 
Diala Hamaidi Associate Professor07/2014 USAClick hereClick here24591 
Sinaria JabbarAssociate Professor09/2014 USAClick hereClick here24415 
Iman Amy Betawi Associate Professor02/2015 USAClick hereClick here 24420 
Yousef Mhmoud Said Arouri Assistant ProfessorUSAClick hereClick here 
Ghazi OdehAssistant Professor10/1982 Click hereClick here 
Umayya Ahmad Abdel-Majeed Bakeer Assistant Professor04/1984 USAClick hereClick here24473 
Salma JayousiAssistant Professor10/1986 Click hereClick here 
Suliman SulimanAssistant Professor01/1993 Click hereClick here 
Ahmad MaqablehAssistant Professor03/1998 Click hereClick here 
Dr. Eman AbabnehAssistant Professor03/2014 jordanClick hereClick here24428 
Dr. munef qutaishatAssistant Professor09/2014 USAClick hereClick here----- 
Mufadi Abu HolaLecturer09/1993 Click hereClick here 
bassam al qudahLecturer09/2012 jordanClick hereClick here24502 
raed abu latifehLecturer09/2012 jordanClick hereClick here24502 
mued khawaldehLecturer02/2013 jordanClick hereClick here24501 
Mohammed AssafLecturer02/2013 Click hereClick here 
Sahar Yacoub A. Abu HeluLecturer07/2013 JordanClick hereClick here24509 
Haytham ShatiLecturer08/2013 Click hereClick here 
Maisoun AL DawairiLecturer09/2013 JrdanClick hereClick here24503 
Sanaa Yousef Ibraheem MajdalawiehLecturer09/2014 JordanClick hereClick here24507 
kawther al-hudrobTeaching assistant09/2009 JUClick hereClick here 
collapse Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations
NameRankRank Obtained InGraduate CountryPublicationsPersonal WebsiteExtension  
Hani A/R. Al-Tawil Honorary Professor08/1975 Tennessee University/ USAClick hereClick here24454  
Ahmad BattahProfessorUSAClick hereClick here 
Anmar Al-Kaylani Professor06/2000 USAClick hereClick here24452  
Rateb Salameh AlsoudProfessor09/2002 USAClick hereClick here24448 
Ekhleif Y. TarawnehProfessor07/2004 USAClick hereClick here21111 
Bassam Al-Omari Professor09/2005 USAClick hereClick here24447  
Sinaria Abed AL jabbarProfessor01/2008 USAClick hereClick here24442 
Salameh Y. Tanash Professor03/2008 N. Texas University / USAClick hereClick here24453  
Mohammad Sayel Alzyoud Professor03/2008 The University of Nottingham/ UKClick hereClick here24465  
"Mohammaed Amin" Hamed AL-QudahProfessor02/2015 JordanClick hereClick here24443 
Mohammad Al-Zboon Professor11/2015 JordanClick hereClick here24449 
Atif Bin Tareef Professor03/2017 USAClick hereClick here24444 
Khaled Ali Awad AlsarhanProfessor04/2017 JordanClick hereClick here24451 
Abedelsalam al awamrahAssociate Professor06/2014 JordanClick hereClick here24469 
Saleh AbabnehAssociate Professor10/2016 JordanClick hereClick here24425 
Ahmad AlsyoufLecturer12/2013 JordanClick hereClick here24505 
collapse Department of Counseling and Special Education
NameRankRank Obtained InGraduate CountryPublicationsPersonal WebsiteExtension  
Sulieman T. Rihani Honorary Professor06/1987 USAClick hereClick here24541  
Farouq RousanProfessor06/1993 Click hereClick here 
Jamal M. Al-Khatib Professor05/1998 USAClick hereClick here24537  
Muna S. Hadidi Professor11/1998 USAClick hereClick here24543 
Jamil Al-Smadi Professor07/1999 USAClick hereClick here24540  
Mohammed Nazeh HamdiProfessor09/1999 Click hereClick here 
Nasima Dawoud Professor02/2002 USAClick hereClick here24535 
Khawlah HawamdehProfessor04/2002 Click hereClick here 
hussein al shrah Professor09/2012 USAClick hereClick here24539 
Mousa JebrilProfessor03/2013 Click hereClick here 
Nadia Hael Alsrour Professor11/2013 USAClick hereClick here24463 
Ibrahim Abdullah Faraj El-Zraigat Professor11/2013 SwedenClick hereClick here24545 
RIAD MALKOSHAssociate Professor01/2000 USAClick hereClick here
Hatem Anas Alkamra Associate Professor09/2005 University of Idaho, USAClick hereClick here24573  
Mayada Al-Natour Associate Professor06/2010 USAClick hereClick here24462 
Adel George Ibrahim Tannous Associate Professor04/2012 SwedenClick hereClick here24466 
Mohammad A. AL Jabery Associate Professor11/2013 USA Click hereClick here24580 
Muna Mahmoud AmroAssociate Professor06/2016 Click hereClick here24543 
Fatimah eid ziad al- adwanAssociate Professor02/2017 JordanClick hereClick here24514 
Jehad NablsiAssistant Professor05/1976 Click hereClick here 
Sabeaa Abu LabdehAssistant Professor09/1977 Click hereClick here 
Asaad DawoudAssistant Professor09/1995 Click hereClick here 
emad mohammad aliAssistant Professor10/2009 USAClick hereClick here24542 
ged al salemAssistant Professor07/2010 USAClick hereClick here24581 
Dr. safa alaliAssistant Professor01/2014 JordanClick hereClick here 
Mariam Awwad Ayoub Al- ZiadatAssistant Professor09/2015 JordanClick hereClick here24508 
Amal IbrahimAssistant Professor11/2015 USAClick hereClick here------ 
Olla hwayanAssistant Professor03/2016 JordanClick hereClick here24529 
Bassam AlabdallatAssistant Professor05/2016 JordanClick hereClick here24533 
Mays Al NasaaAssistant Professor08/2016 USAClick hereClick here 
Abdallah Salem Al MahairehAssistant Professor10/2016 jordanClick hereClick here24528 
collapse Department of Library and Information
NameRankRank Obtained InGraduate CountryPublicationsPersonal WebsiteExtension  
Omar Hamshary Professor05/2002 USAClick hereClick here24445 
Abdul Razeq Mustafa YounisProfessor05/2005 USAClick hereClick here24450 
Rebhi Mustafa ElayyanProfessor09/2011 USAClick hereClick here24461  
Dr. Faten HamadAssociate Professor10/2013 UKClick hereClick here24579 
Dr. Dina TebishatAssociate Professor10/2013 UKClick hereClick here24583 
Younis Alshwabka Associate Professor02/2014 MalaysiaClick hereClick here24457  
Nashrawan Naser Hassan TahaAssistant Professor10/2012 UKClick hereClick here24578 
Essa LalloLecturer11/2007 USAClick hereClick here 
Administrative Faculty Staff
collapse Faculty Deanship Staff
NameJob TitleE-mail
Yasmin Kahlil Al-Ashouri Bureau's
Aseel Omar Ajlouni Liaison Officer of Quality Affairs \Computer Lab
Sanaa Abu HanehAssistant Dean for Quality Affairs\
Abeer hamdi Al-salhiAssistant Dean for Student Affairs's
Alyssa Mohammad Ramzi ShishaniBureau's
Reem ShehadaCenter for Educational Research & Development\ statistical
Ali abu shoukclerk
Bothainah Farhan Ahmad
Hussam nawwaf fakhouriComputer Lab
Eman Saed Al-JamalDean's
Safa'a Mohammad Raja KhalilDeputy Dean of Higher Studies\
Ghada Abdallah AldisiDeputy Dean's
Murad HammedHall's Supervisor
Ahmad saleh mahmoud bani-mariLab
Anwaar WahdaanProf. Ekhleif Tarawneh's Secretary
Mashhour Mohammad AlzoghoulStore
Mohammad Haidar AtoomVerbatim copies
collapse Department of Educational Psychology
NameJob TitleE-mailExtension  
Yara jacob HijazeenEducational Psychology\ 
collapse Department of Counseling and Special Education
NameJob TitleE-mailExtension  
Aman "Mh'd Hani" Al-SoubCounseling and Special Education Department\ 
Mohammad Al KhwaldehField Training 
collapse Department of Library and Information
NameJob TitleE-mailExtension  
Rawan Al JamalLibrary and Information Department\