The effect of flipped classroom strategy on acquisition of grammar concepts among primary 6th grade students in Jordan Eman Abdelfattah Ababneh, Kawther Fawzy Alhudrob Jordan


​This study aimed at identifying the effect of flipped classroom strategy on acquisition of the grammar concepts among sixth grade students in Jordan. A purposeful random sample (n=56) consisting of male and female students was selected. Participants were recruited from the University of Jordan Model School. To ensure student exposure to same instructional conditions, participants were assigned to an experimental (n=28) taught using the flipped classroom strategy and control group (n-28) taught traditionally. To achieve the study objectives, participants completed a pretest-posttest, and results revealed statistically significant differences at (α=0.05) between the mean scores of the experimental and control groups attributed to the strategy used in favor of the experimental group. The study revealed no statistically significant differences in the mean scores at (α=005) of both groups attributed to gender or interaction between strategy and gender. The study, therefore, recommends application of the flipped classroom strategy in teaching basic grammar concepts to sixth grade students.

Keywords: flipped classroom strategy, grammar concepts, sixth grade students, Jordan.​

School of Educational Sciences
Department of Curriculum and Instruction


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