Department Strategy
10/26/2017 12:17 PM


A distinguished department of knowledge in the sciences of curriculum, teaching and scientific research at the local, Arab and worldwide levels​​​

12/15/2021 1:08 PM

Achieving leadership and excellence in the preparation of teachers and educational leaders, making the department a scientific reference at the local and Arab levels, and employing expertise in solving problems and educational issues, and establishing participatory relationships with local and international educational institutions to develop the learning process.​​​​​

12/15/2021 1:10 PM


1.    Preparing teachers and educational leaders capable of performing their roles efficiently.

2.    Transferring scientific research in the department to the world level to keep up with the recent developments in teacher training.

3.    Opening new academic programs that respond to the needs of the local and Arab communities

4.    Strengthening partnership with educational institutions and departments corresponding to the department at the local, Arab and worldwide levels.​​


School of Educational Sciences
Department of Curriculum and Instruction


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