Department Strategy
6/3/2012 2:46 PM


To inculcate the culture of excellence, leadership, creativity and research among the students and instructors, leading to advanced international standards.​

12/15/2021 1:23 PM

Providing educational, training and research programs that contribute to the provision of high-quality human resources to manage information systems, resources and services in Jordan and the Arab world, within an environment conducive to innovation, innovation, leadership and optimal utilization of resources.

12/15/2021 1:26 PM

1.    Provide the students with basic concepts of libraries, information and knowledge.

2.    Embed the culture if information among students to keep up with current and continuous developments in the specialization and profession.
3.    Introduce the students to all different types of libraries and information centers, its aims and objectives, functions and services.
4.    Introduce the students to all different types of information resources; both traditional and modern.
5.    Provide the students with skills to organize different information resources.
6.    Provide the students with essential knowledge about libraries and information centers management and organization.
7.    Increase students awareness of the concept of remote information and communication technology and its applications in library and information centers.
8.    Provide the students with the essential communication knowledge to communicate with users and introduce suitable services.
9.    Introduce the students to different types of services and activities offered by libraries and information centers to users community.

School of Educational Sciences
Department of Library and Information


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