HERE Study Visit: Learning Outcomes and Student-Centered Learning - Tallinn University, Estonia


As one of the members of Higher Education Reform Experts in Jordan Dr. Diala Hamaidi (Assistant Dean for Quality and Development – School of Educational Sciences at the University of Jordan) attended and participated as a rapporteur in one of the sessions of the HERE Study visit that is entitled: Learning outcomes and student-centered learning. The event took place at Tallinn University, Estonia from 18-19 April, 2016. This fruitful study visit discussed many topics:

1) Learning outcomes (LO) and student-centred learning (SCL): implications for learning and teaching

2) Current developments in SCL in the context of the Bologna Process. It will also consider the expectations and experiences of the participants

3) Two case studies by HERE from different countries:

 - The case of Jordan (15 min) -  Isam Zabalawi.  HERE Jordan

 - The case of Georgia  (15 min)- Irma Grdzelidze. HERE Georgia

The presentations addressed: 1) Definitions of SCL in respective countries and systems, 2) Achievements, problems and challenges in implementing SCL.

4) The state of play of LO and SCL in their institutions / countries and 2) differing understandings of SCL.

For further details about this study please visit the following link:

School of Educational Sciences
Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations


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