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  • 30 - Apr
  • 2024

The College of Education hosted the educational expert Dr. Saleh Ali Al-Hilalat for a talk on "The Genius of Happiness in the Educational Process."

​ Dr. Al-Hilalat emphasized the importance of educators feeling the genius within them and utilizing it in teaching, as happiness and excellence reflect on both teachers and learners in the educational process. He highlighted that knowledge is the essence of happiness and excellence, and achievements are linked to knowledge and diligent work. Dr. Saleh stressed the need for teachers to be exceptional, knowledgeable, hardworking, and non-traditional to be truly happy. He also discussed the essence of happiness, dividing it into the beauty of the mind, ethics, facial beauty, and spiritual beauty, emphasizing that successful teachers should embody all these forms of beauty. Dr. Al-Hilalat concluded his valuable lectures with advice for students on a concise recipe for happiness and excellence in their future careers. At the end of the lectures, the students expressed their appreciation to the esteemed guest, Dr. Saleh Al-Hilalat. Dr. Saleh Ali Al-Hilalat is an expert, consultant, and trainer in management, human development, self-improvement, happiness, excellence, institutional excellence, creativity, innovation, change management, self-management, exploration of potentials, and motivation of latent energies. He is a member of the International Federation of Trainers, the Arab Trainers Union, a certified trainer with the Arab Economic Unity Council (League of Arab States), and an accredited assessor for the European Quality Award EFQM. He is the project manager for "Nashama" to develop young leadership in the Ministry of Youth. Dr. Saleh has authored several books including "Management of Excellence," "Effective Human Resource Management," "Creating Leaders of Excellence and Innovation," and "The Genius of Happiness and Excellence."