School of Educational Sciences
"A leading and Distinguished School in its Academic, Research, and Service performance."
Faculty Achievements
Professor Dr. Rateb Al-Saud's academic achievement is marked by the release of a new book on a complex topic: "Educational Policies in Arab Countries: Concepts and Perspectives."...Read More01 Feb, 2024
Dr. Jamal Al-Khatib, a professor of Special Education at the School of Educational Sciences at the University of Jordan, has published a research paper in a prestigious journal....Read More01 Jan, 2024
Two academics from the School of Educational Sciences have been appointed as members of the Higher Council of the National Center for Curriculum Development....Read More01 Jan, 2024
Professor Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shar'a from the School of Educational Sciences at the University of Jordan has won the award for the best applied research paper ...Read More01 Jan, 2024
Professor Dr. Mansour Al-Warikat has been selected as a member of the judging committee for the International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL)....Read More01 Jan, 2024
A group of students specializing in psychological and educational counseling participated in a training course on Narrative Exposure Therapy....Read More01 Jan, 2024
The School of Educational Sciences organized an event titled "From the Heart to the Heart...Read More01 Jan, 2024
HERE Study Visit: Learning Outcomes and Student-Centered Learning - Tallinn University, Estonia...Read More12 Jun, 2016
Faculty AchievementsThe Faculty of Educational Sciences pays attention to the community and its services through preparing qualified staff educationally in order to work in the educational institutions. Also, The Faculty of Educational Sciences contributes to developing study plans by direct participation in the development of these plans or by working on the implementation of its decisions.

Annually, The Faculty of Educational Sciences receives about 150-250 teachers and others at various master's programs in addition to holds special symposiums and conferences by faculty members.

Additionally, the Faculty of Educational Sciences conducts several training workshops and seminars regarding improving the educational leaders skills as well as to solve some educational and social problems. Also, it provides required consultants to several local educational institutions and schools.
...Read More
03 Jun, 2012
Conference on HE in the Arab World Convened at School of Educational Sciences...Read More