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The pathway of networking and serving the educational and national community involves several key steps:


Initiating Networking: Start by establishing open and positive professional relationships with key stakeholders in the education sector. This includes the Ministry of Education, the National Center for Curriculum Development, the Queen Rania Teacher Academy, private schools, the Directorate of Military Culture, the Arab Universities Union, as well as various associations, organizations, and institutions focused on education, research, and development.


Conscious Engagement with Local Communities: Engage with local communities through the provision of training, services, and consultations. Utilize the expertise and experience available within the School to contribute positively to the local community.


Collaboration with Local Communities: Foster active collaboration with local communities and educational institutions to ensure mutual benefit. This collaboration should serve both the School and these communities by addressing specific educational needs and challenges.


By following these steps, the School can enhance its role in the education sector, strengthen its ties with relevant institutions, and contribute meaningfully to the development of the local and national educational landscape.​