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Facts And Figures


Here are some facts and figures about the School of Educational Sciences:

Establishment: The School of Educational Sciences was established in 1973.

Departments: The School comprises five departments, offering a total of 33 programs distributed as follows:

Doctoral Programs: 12
Master's Programs: 13
Postgraduate Diploma: 1
Professional Diplomas: 2
Bachelor's Programs: 5
Student Enrollment: At the beginning of the academic year 2022/2023, the School had a total of 3,828 students, including both male and female students.

Faculty Members: The School has 90 faculty members who are actively involved in teaching and research.

Administrative Staff: Additionally, there are 30 administrative staff members who support the School's operations and administration.

These statistics highlight the diverse academic offerings and the significant size of both the student body and the faculty within the School of Educational Sciences.