Counseling and Special Education Counseling and Special Education 4
In the Seventies, the Department of Counseling & Special Education opened its door for post-graduate students, where it granted the first Master Degree in Psychological & Educational Counseling in 1973/1974. In 1985/1986 The department expanded its programs by offering another Master Degree in Special Education. In addition, and in order to meet the demands of the local and regional market, the department launched two new undergraduate programs, the first program offered a Bachelor Degree in Counseling & Mental Health in 1990/1991, followed by granting A Bachelor Degree in Special Education in 1992/1993. To complete its vision, the department of Counseling & Special Education added two graduate programs;  A Ph.D. in Special Education, Ph.D. in Psychological & Educational Counseling in 2000/2001. The expertise of the staff members in this department, made it possible to insure quality and high standards within its programs, and gain respect of both local and regional level.
Curriculum and InstructionCurriculum and Instruction2
The department of curriculum and instruction is one of the departments in the Faulty of Educational Sciences from its beginning at 1973. The department launched by the quafication postgraduate diploma and the degree in education bachelor's from 1975 /1976, then starts the masters degree in curriculum and instruction in 1977 and ph.d in 1990s.

The department delivers a number of programmes at the bachelors level, namly the grade teacher and childhood education postgraduate diploma in curriculum and instruction in different domains.

At the master's level, the department delivers different pathways in curriculum and instruction in  (general, Arabic language, English language, math, science,  in addition to educational  technology in which the department is about to launch a Ph.d programme that will be  add to the Ph.d programme in curriculum and instruction that is currently delivered .

The department provides services for the local community and the Arab World; many of the faculty members participate in committees for curriculum development for the Ministry of Education in Jordan and the neighboring
 Countries, in addition to consultancy services in curriculum development and instruction and teacher training. Moreover; the academic research of the faculty
members and postgraduate students contributes to the enrichment of the Arabic library by life educational experience based on current educational theories. 

Educational Leadership and FoundationsEducational Leadership and Foundations3
The establishment of Educational Leadership and Foundations Department at ESF since the establishment of this college in 1973, with undergraduate courses only, and started the master's program in Foundations of Education in 1975, and a Master of Educational Administration in 1977, while began PhD in educational administration and foundations of Education in 2002
 while the launch of diploma program in school administration from 2002.,and recently (2019)started a phd program in Educatinal Leadership.
And it contributed to the progress of the college and university on teaching, research and community service level, and helped in the formation of the leaders of public and higher education, locally and regionally, and provides advisory services for the educational field of public and private.
Educational Psychology Educational Psychology 1
The department of Educational Psychology was established in the academic year 1987/1988 and is awarded the master's and doctorate degrees in measurement and evaluation, learning and development.
The study plan consists of (33) credit hours for master's degree in the fields of measurement and evaluation, learning and development. The study plan for obtaining a doctorate degree in the fields of measurement and evaluation, learning and development consists of (54) credit hours each.
The Department of Educational Psychology seeks to achieve the following objectives:
• Qualify students and enable them to have knowledge and skills and keep pace with the scientific and technological development in the learning, development, psychological and educational measurement and evaluation.
• Develop research and investigation skills for original topics and issues in the fields of educational psychology that contribute to scientific progress and propose solutions to theoretical and practical issues and problems.
• Provide research staff in Jordanian universities, research centers and academic institutions to undertake research in the fields of educational psychology.
• Provide scales and instruments with appropriate psychometric characteristics that can be used in scientific research related to educational psychology.
Library and Information Library and Information 5
The department of Library and Information Science (LIS) has begun as a program granting the degree of higher diploma in library and information science since the academic year 1977/1978. Then it became a program that grants professional diploma degree in library and information as part of the Department of Educational Administration. In 2006/2007, it started as a department of library and information science with professional diploma degree. In the academic year 2007/2008 a program for master in library and information science was started. In 2008/2009 a program for BA in library and information science was added. This department was an active contributor on the both school and university educational, teaching, research journey as well as community service. It also helped in the formation of leaders in libraries and information centers in Jordan. The LIS department thorough its programs, focuses on excellence and innovation as a way to understand working environment and problems it has. It also offers advisory services for librarians and information specialists.