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Important announcement for Jordan University students

​Procedures for election of members of the Jordan University Student Union Council For the university year 2023/2024
The Supreme Committee for the Election of the Council of the Jordan University Students Union for the 2023/2024 academic year announces the opening of candidacy for the membership of the Jordan University Student Union at the level of relative closed lists (university/colleges) according to the following procedures:

First: The criteria for candidacy:
A. The candidate shall be a regular and registered student in the university and have successfully completed at least (12) certified hours for undergraduate students or (6) certified hours for graduate students.
B. Its cumulative rate should not be less than the minimum required, which is:
(2) Two points for the bachelor students.
(3) Three points for graduate students.
C. To be registered in the university for the entire duration of his membership in the Union Council.
D. Not to be expected to graduate in the semester in which elections are held.
H. That she should not have been sentenced to any disciplinary punishment, unless it has been erased or terminated.
And. Not to be an employee of the university.

Secondly: Candidacy for membership of the Federation is open at the level of relative closed lists (university/colleges) starting from 8 o'clock on Sunday 28/4/2024 until 4 o'clock in the evening of Tuesday 30/4/2024.

Thirdly: Students wishing to nominate on the closed relative lists of the university or college level should fill out the candidacy form prepared for this purpose at the dean of student affairs (Ground floor gallery hall), and submit a number (2) recent personal photos and a photo of the identity card and an active university certificate card.

Fourth: The names of the nominated students to whom the conditions of candidacy were applied will be announced on Tuesday, 7/5/2024 at the Department of Students Affairs.

FIFTH: Appeal of nominees' revelations shall be submitted to the Supreme Election Commission on Wednesday, 8/5/2024 from 8am to 4pm at the Student Affairs Pillar.

Sixth: Appeals submitted for acceptance or rejection will be responded to on Thursday, 8/5/2024.

Seven: Candidates begin electoral campaigning for five working days starting from eight o'clock in the morning of Tuesday 14/5/2024 to four p.m. Monday 20/5/2024.

Eighth: The specifications of the electoral propaganda material are in accordance with the internal foundations for conducting the elections of the Student Union at the University of Jordan.

Ninth: Voting will be on Tuesday, 21/5/2024 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the same day and in the halls designated by the college committees.