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School of Educational Sciences Alumni

The School of Educational Sciences places great importance on its graduates due to the role they play towards their School   and the University of Jordan. This is achieved through effective communication with them, holding meetings, workshops, and inviting them to various activities organized by the School. An annual alumni reunion is held at the School , where several graduates are hosted to discuss their achievements and academic journeys.

Graduates are also involved in advisory councils for all programs to benefit from their experiences in developing various programs and proposing mechanisms for the development and establishment of new programs.

Graduate satisfaction is measured annually through meetings, workshops, and surveys that assess their satisfaction with the School and provide suggestions for its improvement in areas related to the educational process, support and guidance services, overall impression, student services, and activities.


The School has adopted various measures to improve its operations based on the results of graduate satisfaction surveys. These measures include:

Support and Guidance:

   - Improving services for students.

   - Enhancing the quality of career and academic counseling.

   - Improving department heads' performance.

   - Ensuring faculty members adhere to office hours.

   - Enhancing the performance of administrative staff.


Educational Process:

   - Activating e-learning systems.

   - Improving classroom quality.

   - Providing laboratories and facilities.

   - Preparing students for postgraduate studies.

   - Enhancing learning and teaching resources.

   - Facilitating program evaluations.

   - Preparing students for national or international exams.

   - Improving critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

   - Developing research skills.

   - Increasing student engagement in the learning process.

   - Improving assessment quality (exams, projects, theses).

   - Enhancing teaching methods.

   - Promoting cultural awareness.

   - Improving curriculum quality.

 Student Services and Activities:

   - Enhancing services such as cafeteria and computer labs.

   - Improving admission and registration procedures.

   - Renovating School facilities.

   - Increasing social and sports activities on campus.

   - Monitoring and reducing food and beverage prices.

   - Providing better transportation services.

   - Supporting student clubs and associations.

   - Offering copying and printing services.

   - Facilitating graduation procedures.

   - Improving healthcare services.

   - Enhancing religious facilities on campus.

   - Improving career counseling and student guidance services.


In the academic year 2022-2023, the School graduated 1,569 students from various programs, totaling 33 programs. The School also hosted distinguished graduates at the end of the academic year, including Dr. Sabri Rabihat, the former Minister of Culture, who shared his memories of the School.


To maintain communication with graduates, the School   has established a structured approach:

A committee is formed within the School, including the vice Dean for Administrative Affairs, department heads, faculty representatives, and graduates.


The committee is appointed by the Dean of the School of Educational Sciences.


The committee's activities include documenting graduate data, tracking employment rates, monitoring postgraduate studies, and maintaining communication through the School's website, Facebook page, and dedicated alumni platform.

Documentation is done electronically through social media pages, websites, meeting minutes, and other records.​