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Field Training

The School offers practicum for bachelor's and higher diploma specializations in teacher preparation. practicum for the classroom teacher and child education specializations is an essential component of the program. It provides students with rich opportunities for training and practical experience in various aspects of the educational process. Students are assigned to cooperating schools in coordination with different education directorates. Continuous coordination with trainers and overcoming any challenges that may arise during the training process is a priority. The aim is to organize and monitor practical training for bachelor's students in both government and private schools outside the university.

The curriculum for the classroom teacher and child education specializations in the School of Educational Sciences/Department of Curriculum and Instruction consists of 3 credit hours (theory) and 9 credit hours (practical). The program collaborates with the Ministry of Education and private education institutions to provide opportunities for student teachers to apply their theoretical knowledge in real classroom situations, bridging the gap between theory and practice. The program's vision is to enrich the local community with competent educators who are well-versed in modern educational developments. The program strives to fulfill its mission by producing responsible, knowledgeable teachers in the fields of classroom teaching and child education who can bridge the gap between theory and practice.

The program aims to:

Strengthen the relationship between the university, represented by the School of Educational Sciences, and the educational field in the Ministry of Education and private schools.
Connect educational theories with their practical applications.
Prepare student teachers in the classroom teacher and child education specializations, equipping them for the teaching profession in both theoretical and practical aspects.
Conduct research related to practical education fields.
Special Education and Counseling Services:

The School provides counseling, advisory, and training services to its students and the wider university and community. It offers various awareness programs for individuals with special needs and their families. The School equips its students, teachers, and counselors in the field with the necessary academic, knowledge-based, and professional competencies. Additionally, volunteer programs for School students in the local community are coordinated.