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The School of Educational Sciences has a history of excellence and development, and 10 commandments for students of knowledge therein
The School of Educational Sciences is a School for the nation, its leadership, people, and the world at large. It carries the message and banner of science and knowledge. Furthermore, it builds a person endowed with virtues and morals, who is knowledgeable and skilled in specialized scientific and educational knowledge, keeping abreast of the latest developments in the disciplines of educational sciences.
The School of Educational Sciences is proud of the specialized scientific programs it offers in its academic departments, especially in terms of diversity and meeting the needs of the labor market and modernity in the areas of fundamentals, educational leadership, psychological counseling, special education, educational psychology, curricula, teaching, libraries, and information.
More so, it has reached a prominent position among its counterparts at the national, regional and global levels, and has an advanced ranking that reached the best three hundred in the world in the QS ranking. Thanks to the unparalleled support of the university presidency and the sincere efforts of the administration and faculty members who strive tirelessly to make the School attain greater heights and what it offers. Today, the programs, events, and activities they hold are a fine example of quality and workmanship.
Therefore, the school takes upon itself the responsibility to remain at the forefront with the rich programs and experiences it offers to its students and the Jordanian community through continuous work to develop plans for its study programs to keep pace with scientific developments and to introduce various new programs that meet the needs of the Jordanian and global labor market.
The School of Educational Sciences derives its strength through its established partnerships with various national educational institutions by working together to provide educational programs that keep pace with the times and meet the needs of the labor market with graduates of high level of academic and skill competence who are committed to professional ethics.
The high-level reputation achieved by the School of Educational Sciences is based on self-established elements that have been built over more than four decades, the most prominent of which are faculty and administrative staff members who possess specialization and educational experience in various fields of educational sciences, and advanced educational and technological capabilities and infrastructure that serve the educational process and provide students with an educational experience that connects theoretical educational science in practice and practical application.
The School of Educational Sciences is proud of its approach to openness and constructive, civilized communication between its faculty members, students, and the local community. It promotes the spirit of cooperation and participation in a way that leads to creating an educational environment that encourages students to create, cooperate, show solidarity, accept the other, tolerate, and distance themselves from all tendencies of fanaticism and rivalry.
The prestigious scientific position that the School of Educational Sciences possesses during the past few years prompted it to start reviewing all the programs that it offers at the bachelor’s, diploma, master’s, and doctoral level in order to modernize and improve them. Academic scientific committees from various departments began to work on reviewing scientific programs. In addition to working on developing new scientific disciplines that meet the needs of the national and regional labor market, the school included Bachelor’s programs in group counseling, Bachelor’s degrees in art education and vocational education, higher diploma in digital archive management, higher diploma for teacher of international programs, master’s in educational policies, educational sociology and master’s in Digital education, and many other programs that keep pace with progress in various fields and disciplines of educational sciences.

The School of Educational Sciences is active in conducting discreet educational scientific research that addresses various problems that affects the educational field and Jordanian society. It also deals with research issues of a global nature to provide advanced scientific discovery in all educational disciplines.
Hence, I take this opportunity to address the students of the School of Educational Sciences by saying that you will find in the folds of your scientific and cognitive journey study materials, university requirements, and various enrichment activities near you on the corners of the school building or somewhere close within the safe and motivating campus for you to be students of knowledge. You will find rich opportunities in every corner; it is one of the pillars of this national scientific institution whose value and reputation have been established over the past six decades, and it is still and will remain distinguished by its pioneering role in the human industry and in building the nation and serving the region and the world.
You have started your scientific and life path, and have joined an institution that releases energies and prepares you for life, work, and independence. In this regard, I find it necessary for me to address you with a few insights that I hope will help you in a journey that requires seriousness, diligence, and perseverance, except for what is imposed on us by law and morals. First, my aim is that this be an investment that benefit you in seeking knowledge, building character in dialogues and discussions, accepting and openness to the other, forgiveness, tolerance, belonging and pride in your families, communities and country.
Second, to seek knowledge with all the strength you have been given to qualify you to make your future with your own hands, because each one of you is different from the other in something and distinguished from it in something else. Therefore, you must strive to consolidate your distinction and uniqueness in that thing. Keep in mind that the bright future is not only for holders of scientific degrees, but for those who have talent, creativity, and excellence in addition to scientific degrees.
Third, you have to adhere to the values and morals, sense of responsibility, virtue and public morals, and be a true image that embodies the practice of virtues of honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, respect, appreciation, pride, dignity, affection, and sincerity. Thus, you will be living models for the makers of renaissances and future leaders that we need today more than ever before.
Fourth, you have to belong to this place with all of its details and components. Belonging to the university and preserving its capabilities is an integral part of belonging to the homeland. You must belong in action, practice, sincere hard work, and affiliation by rejecting paralysis, regionalism, and bias towards inhuman and uncivilized ties and considerations.
Fifth, you have to examine your convictions, perceptions, and practices on the basis of preparedness.
It is absolutely necessary to change and retract it if it collides with human and civilized values in society and the university. Note that the homeland is for all and humanity unites us regardless of our origins, identities, beliefs and regions.
Sixth, you must adopt human values in your relationships and practices. As a part of you innate abilities, you must have determination, perseverance, boldness, and will to confront the culture of interest and benefit that has come to dominate many people’s relationships with each other in this era. More so, to build your relationships on foundations and human ideals whose essence is acceptance, comfort and respect.
Seventh, you must follow the path of integrity, accuracy, objectivity, credibility, and self-reliance in the work, assignments, and academic tests that you present, because the future will reveal to you the value of diligence, diligence, perseverance, and integrity that you adhered to at the first stations of experience in your practical life that will come soon.
Eighth, you must prioritize your educational attainment and pursue every available learning opportunity and create other learning opportunities on your own, especially as we live in a world full of opportunities based on sources of learning that were never available in human history. Therefore, seize every opportunity to acquire knowledge and build your personalities and convictions.
Ninth, you must show determination to face the challenges and difficulties imposed by the nature of university life. Your journey is not crowned with roses and you will always face challenges at different times, but they are not overwhelming or impossible to overcome.
Tenth, you must know that your future begins from here, with knowledge and opportunities. Be aware  that you are responsible for creating it with diligence, credibility, integrity, respect, and a deep belief in accepting the other and coexistence.
I cannot conclude without thanking the family of the School of Educational Sciences for their sincere efforts and great devotion to the school and the country. I wish them continued success, excellence and under the shadow of His Majesty, King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, may God protect and preserve him and his trustworthy Crown Prince, His Highness Prince Al-Hussein Bin Abdullah II.

May you always be well and appreciated.
Professor Dr. Mohammad Sayel Alzyoud
Dean of the School of Educational Sciences