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School's Strategy

School's Strategy



Towards a pioneering and distinguished School in its academic, research, and service performance, keeping pace with the latest developments in the fields of educational sciences and digital educational applications, positioning it among its counterparts worldwide.


One of the leading School’s at the University of Jordan, aiming to provide the best academic, educational, research, service, and training programs for preparing human resources required by the local, Arab, and global educational fields. The School's foundation is built upon well-structured plans, whether in the realm of educational leadership, educational foundations, curriculum and teaching methods, educational psychology, assessment and evaluation, psychological and educational counseling, special education, as well as library science and digital services.


Provide an exceptional academic and research environment to achieve internal and external efficiency and effectiveness.
Develop leadership competencies among faculty and administrative members of the School.
Foster lifelong self-directed learning among students.
Train students and staff and equip them with scientific research skills.
Enhance the administrative system and decision-making mechanisms.
Establish proficient educational academic programs that serve students and the local and regional community, opening opportunities in the job market, while also reviewing and improving existing programs.
Strengthen ties with the local community, particularly institutions providing practical training opportunities for students.
Supply the local community with outstanding educational leaders.
Forge functional work relationships among the School staff.
Enhance learners' ability to connect theory with practice.
Develop the English language skills of School students through curriculum adjustments.
Cultivate a safe and attractive educational learning environment.
Meet local accreditation standards, obtain local quality assurance certificates, and adhere to global accreditation standards for School programs.