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School Abstract


The Royal Decree was issued to establish the School of Education on December 27, 1972. Teaching began in December,  1973. Prior to that, it was a department within the Faculty of Arts since its inception in 1962. The School, upon its establishment, included three academic departments: the Department of Education, the Department of Psychology, and the Department of Educational Administration.
Its programs were initially focused on awarding a Bachelor's degree in Education and Psychology, a Diploma in Education, and a Master's degree in specialties such as Curriculum and Teaching Methods, Psychological Counseling, School Administration, and Educational Planning. At the time of its founding, the School was staffed by (14) faculty members, including four with the rank of Professor and the remainder as Assistant Professors. Additionally, there were (11) administrators responsible for administrative and technical tasks.
Throughout the School's history, its plans and programs have been continuously developed to meet the requirements of the local and Arab communities. Several specialized educational centers were established, including the Center for Psychological and Educational Measurement, the Center for Psychological and Educational Counseling, and the Center for Childhood and Special Education. The aim was to provide specialized educational and psychological services to students within the university and to educational professionals in the Jordanian and Arab societies.
In 1983, a model school was established to serve as an educational laboratory for the School, covering the stages of kindergarten, elementary, and secondary education. The educational process in the school is overseen by a distinguished group of faculty members from the School. The School's objective is to prepare a generation capable of shouldering responsibilities and adapting to future challenges.
In order to serve the local community, a doctoral program in Curriculum and Teaching Methods was opened in the second semester of the academic year 2013/2014 in the branch of the University of Jordan in Aqaba. The program aims to qualify and train students, and it utilizes remote teaching through the Athir Center.
Now, after fifty-two years since its establishment, the School has evolved in terms of its programs, plans, faculty members, staff, and facilities, both quantitatively and qualitatively.