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  • 13 - Sep
  • 2023

The School of Educational Sciences is holding its first introductory meeting for prospective students in the High Diploma Program in Teacher Preparation

The School of Educational Sciences has commenced its selection sessions for candidates seeking admission to the High Diploma Program in Teacher Preparation (self-funded), offered in partnership with the Ministry of Education and with support from the United States Agency for International Development.

Dr. Sahar Abu Halou, the Assistant Dean for High Diploma Affairs, met with the candidates and discussed the importance of the program, its theoretical and practical scientific content, and the elements of excellence that make it one of the outstanding and successful programs offered by the College of Educational Sciences. This is due to its practical and applied nature and its utilization of the best international practices in the field of teacher preparation, training, and qualification.

The program coordinator, Dr. Omar Khattab, gave a presentation about the program, including its objectives, study materials, teaching methods, training opportunities, advanced assessment methods used, the duration and nature of practical field training in schools, and answering questions posed by the candidates. The meeting also included the selection sessions conducted by the academic team of teachers, including written tasks, group tasks, and personal interviews, all aimed at achieving the highest quality standards that the program strives to attain.

It's worth noting that the School of Educational Sciences possesses all the resources and capabilities that led to the program's success in the previous year, and efforts are underway to build on this experience, enhancing it with more distinctive training experiences and advanced educational, material, and technological resources.