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  • 02 - Oct
  • 2023

Dr. Mohammed Sayel Al-Zyoud, Dean of the School of Educational Sciences, emphasized that developing plans and programs, as well as obtaining international accreditation for the School, and advancing in global rankings are top priorities for the School in

On October 1, 2023, Dr. Al-Zyoud held a meeting with the faculty and administrative staff of the School  to discuss future action plans and development strategies to be implemented during the new academic year. The Dean began the meeting by extending his congratulations to the school  community for the new academic year and welcoming the faculty members and administrative team, including Prof. Dr. Hamed Talafhah, Dr. Maysoon Aldawairy, and Ms. Ghada Qaqish. He also expressed his gratitude to Prof. Dr. Monem Al-Sa'aydeh and Dr. Mais Al-Nas'ah for their efforts.

Dr. Al-Zyoud also expressed his appreciation for colleagues who have contributed to the school's success over the years but have retired, including Prof. Dr. Jameel Al-Sumadi, Prof. Dr. Jamal Al-Khatib, and Prof. Dr. Safaa Al-Kilani. He also praised the dedicated efforts of the late Prof. Dr. Majed Abu Jabber.

Dr. Zyoud welcomed the new faculty members, Prof. Dr. Akram Al-Bashir, Dr. Laith Jumaa, and Dr. Noorah Abu Tayeh, who recently joined the School.

During the meeting, the faculty members elected Prof. Dr. Monem Al-Sa'aydeh and Dr. Iman Al-Mufleh as representatives of the School  of Educational Sciences on the University Council.

The Dean emphasized the importance of university affiliation and the responsibilities of faculty members, including attending meetings and fulfilling their duties and responsibilities based on legal and ethical considerations. He stressed the need for academic rigor and seriousness in teaching, supervision, and interactions with students, which should be characterized by respect and fairness. Dr. Al-Zyoud also discussed postgraduate programs and their outcomes, thesis defense committees, examination committees, and the relationship between students and professors. 
He highlighted the significance of the teaching process, adherence to lecture start and end times, and the provision of effective office hours, with strict adherence to the announced schedules.
The Dean emphasized the importance of the school 's website and faculty members' profiles on platforms such as Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and LinkedIn, urging faculty members to regularly update their content and not merely provide links on the website.

The meeting also addressed the importance of international accreditation (CAEP) for the school's programs, which has become an integral part of various activities conducted at the school and is linked to the effectiveness of teaching, curriculum renewal, and research activities. Dr. Al-Zyoud highlighted the need to restructure and integrate departments and academic programs to align with the developments and advancements in various fields and specialties of educational sciences.

In conclusion, an extensive dialogue took place between faculty members and the Dean, covering various topics and proposals aimed at enhancing the School of Educational Sciences as a national institution dedicated to serving the educational sector both nationally and globally.