3/27/2017 11:56 AM
Aman “Moh’d Hani” Al Soub

I am Aman “Moh’d Hani” Al Soub, a master student at the department of Library and Information Science (LIS) - Faculty of Educational Sciences.  I would like to share my experience at the University of Jordan with you. I got my BA degree in English Language and Literature from the Arab Open University.  After that I decided to proceed my education and get a master degree. My first choice was to go for MA in English language, however, and at the end I decided to go for the MA in Library and Information Science. I made this choice after working for this department; LIS department, for few months, during this time I have been touched by the level of humanity and respect of all members of the faculty in general and the department staff in specific. All this encouraged to make this decision and to be a post graduate student in LIS.  I am currently working on my thesis to finish and get my degree. 
Library and Information Science is considered to be a milestone science for both students and researchers as they all need the knowledge this science provides in order to do their researches and get all sort of information they need as well as the competencies to handle information and information resources.  LIS is a multidisciplinary science that has connections and fit with all other sciences and fields; such as Information and Communication technology; Medicine and other fields.
Therefore, I will always try my best to keep up and be up to date with this science in order to apply this knowledge on my day-to-day work, develop and improve the work environment.
Through these words, I would like to share all my respect and to thank Dr. Younis Shawabkeh (the Head of the Department of Science of information and libraries) as well as Dr. Faten Hamad (my theses supervisor) for their unlimited efforts and support throughout my studies.
I would like as well to thank all my professors at the department for their kind support.

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